What is your photographic style?
Constantly evolving! Every time we photograph a wedding it really is a little different, because people are different. Some ask us to be a stealthy, and 100% photojournalists, but others want us to be quite traditional, using our training in lighting and posing to be sure and capture the best images of family and wedding party groups. Many people actually leave it up to us to decide for them. Lots of couples get to know us and trust our years of experience.
What is the best way to contact you?
We love to talk to people, so give us a call. An email is great too, just to make contact with us. We all have busy schedules, so we want to chat with you when you are clear from the distractions of the day. Our studio location in Malvern is our base of operations, but I set up phone appointments for pretty much any time. If you really want to learn more about us as a team, just pick up the phone and give a call. I think many people think calling someone is like walking onto a used car lot and getting sold something you don't want. Just the opposite is true. A simple phone conversation will help you get an idea if you do want to take the next step and visit. 
How long have you been in the industry?
For me personally, photography is the only thing I have ever done in my professional career. Leaving out some of my teenage jobs, this passion of mine, the photography world has been very good to me, and so I continue to love it. Our actual studio started in 1989. We have been in Malvern since 1990.
How far do you travel?
Even though most of our weddings and events are in Philadelphia and along the Main Line, I am always up for an adventure. So feel free to check in for your upcoming wedding in Toscana or Budapest. 
Do you include all of your digital files in a package?
Yes. That covers that. 
What is your training or are you self taught?
Training is the key to doing any task properly. So for me, it was training under some of the best in the business. The Antonelli Institute was the formal part of my education, but after learning the proper techniques in lighting, posing and composition is really when the work begins. Many years of continuing education and seminars keeps it fresh and new. The real life experiences you have in over 25 years of meeting and photographing people is an education of its own.
How do you operate on the day of a wedding?
One client recently said it best. "Stealthy". Our goal on wedding day is to keep the calm. Honestly, just ask around the industry and you will hear what our reputation is all about. It is very important to us to be calm and professional. We dress appropriately for the occasion. No jeans or black shirts and vests here guys. If you took an overview picture of the wedding, and we were in the picture, we would appear as a guest. We will keep you on the schedule you have outlined for us. As a creative person, you sometimes get an idea on the fly. I believe there is a time and place for everything you do as a photographer. You can't just interrupt an event because you had a creative thought. We plan out as much as possible before the wedding day happens. We talk about good weather and bad weather options. We ask tons of questions before the big day. I want to know all about the family dynamics, who will be in the family photos. I'm a realist. I'm not afraid to tell you if I think your idea isn't going to work smoothly . 
Should we give you a shot list and our pinterest page?
Yes and no. The only shot list you should need to give us is the list of family and friends that will be included in the group photos. By looking at all of our sample galleries and albums, you will notice hundreds of great images we find on our own. As for Pinterest, my honest opinion is that you are just seeing things that actually happened by chance at a wedding, that when it is repeated at your wedding will feel canned and fake. Let's go out and make great images from your wedding based on what your wedding is really all about.
How long after the wedding before we see photos?
Great question. most people forget to ask about the business of photography. We have stayed in business for over 25 years because we take the business part of what we do very seriously. We show you an online gallery of photos two weeks after the wedding day. Our proof books are ready in three weeks. Our album designs take two weeks and after approval, take five weeks to make.