Our Pricing

A question we get often. How much do you charge for your wedding photography services? There is so much that goes into preparing a custom quote for each and every wedding that we photograph, but here's the thing, we love to do it. It's really important for us to get all of the details of your day in our heads. We want to learn about what is important to you before we go about putting together the pricing that is appropriate. If you are like most people, they ask us for at least a range to get started. After all, not every photographer is in the price range for every client. Our price range for a wedding of 200 people can range from $4000.00 to the moon and stars. For most of our clients, when we make them a gorgeous Leather Craftsmen album, along with some other goodies, they usually spend upwards of $5800.00.
However, if you are having a more intimate sized affair, and need just a few hours of photography services, we want to hear from you too! Let's spend a few minutes on the phone and together we can discuss the perfect blend of products and services to fit the budget. 
Brides and grooms always ask us about copyright and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We say yes to all of them. We always make you two sets of files. The small files for all of your social media, and the full size files are included so you can archive them for your kids and grandkids.